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When it comes to sports supplements, people are extremely particular about what pre workout or protein powder they use to compliment their training. And it makes sense, you want the best your money can buy to enhance your athleticism and gains in the gym. Unfortunately, these same people are perfectly fine selecting any generic multi-vitamin off the grocery store shelf and calling it a day. While this may be a simple and easy way to pick a multivitamin, it’s certainly not an effective way to cover your nutritional bases. See, the problem with most multi’s on the market is that they’re either underdosed or use sub-standard forms of vitamins / minerals, which means your body isn’t absorbing and using what the bottle claims to provide. Ultimately, this results in wasted dollars and deficient nutrient levels in your body — hindering your performance and recovery. It’s time to stop throwing money down the drain with ineffective multis and start investing in a real multivitamin. One that provides you, the hard-working athlete, with everything you need to support and increase performance, recovery, and muscle growth. Nutrex Research has developed the ultimate catch-all multivitamin / mineral supplement in VITADAPT!     


It’s no secret, if you’re training with intensity on a regular basis, you’re burning through essential vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. Copious amounts of these essential nutrients are lost via sweat, excreted through the urine, and used by the body for energy production, recovery, and normal day-to-day functioning. If your diet isn’t dialed in 100% and you’re not supplementing, you’re on the fast track to developing nutrient deficiencies in one or more of the crucial nutrients needed for optimal performance, such as Magnesium, Calcium, or the B Vitamins. Therefore, it’s crucial for active men and women to include a premium quality multivitamin/mineral as part of their daily supplement regimen — one that provides optimal doses of all the essential vitamins and minerals in their most bioavailable form.

Here’s why VITADAPT is your multi-solution to your micronutrient needs:


One of the largest nutrient deficiencies around the world is Vitamin D, a.k.a. the “sunlight” vitamin. The reason for this, is that human beings are spending more and more time indoors due to work, television, video games, etc. and not enough time outside in the sun. The result is an ever-increasing amount of individuals deficient in the essential vitamin which can lead to bone pain, muscle weakness, cognitive impairment, and heart disease. Another key mineral that many people are lacking (and most multi’s are missing) is iodine, which is required for maintaining optimal thyroid function. Table salt manufacturers began adding iodine into their salts to combat this common deficiency; however, due to the increased use of kosher salts in cooking as well as the American Heart Association’s warnings on limiting salt intake, the use of common table salt has declined, and with it, so has the population’s iodine levels. Other essential micronutrients that are frequently missing or under-dosed in discount multis include manganese, selenium, and Vitamin E, one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body. Any multi you choose should include at least 100% of the Daily Value (DV) or Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of these key vitamins and minerals. If they don’t you’re just wasting your money. For this reason, and many others, Nutrex Research has included all 24 of the essential minerals and vitamins required for hard-training athletes, all in their clinically efficacious doses.


In addition to missing or underdosed essential micronutrients, another common problem with discount multis is their use of cheaper forms of vitamins in minerals. What’s wrong with these cheaper forms of micronutrients? Well, for starters, they tend to have poor bioavailability in the body, which your body isn’t absorbing all of what you’re consuming. For example, let’s take one of the most common vitamins around in Vitamin B12. B vitamins are essential to optimal energy production in the body, and if you’re lacking in any one of the many B vitamins, you could be feeling severely run down or worse be anemic. Plus, since the B family of vitamins are water-soluble, your body only stores a certain amount that’s needed at the time, and excretes the rest, so it’s vital to ingest adequate amounts of all the B vitamins on a daily basis. The issue, is that most vitamin manufacturers include Vitamin B12 as cyanocobalamin, which is a synthetic form of the vitamin that’s not very bioavailable. While a bottle of discount multis might say you’re getting 200% of the Daily Value of B12, due to its low bioavailability, you might only be absorbing a fraction of that. The form your multi should include is methylcobalamin, which has been clinically proven to be the most bioavailable form for consumption, ensuring your B12 levels are always at their optimal concentration. Another example of poor form selection by vitamin creators is Vitamin A, which is a key player in eye health and development. Often times, companies opt to include the cheaper, less bioavailable form of Vitamin A as retinol, in the form of retinyl acetate or retinyl palmitate or retinyl acetate. While these forms of Vitamin A are quickly taken up, they are slow to be excreted from the body, which can lead to vitamin toxicity as Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin and is stored by the body (as opposed to water-soluble vitamins, which aren’t stored). So, rather than not getting enough of a vitamin, this poor selection of vitamin forms could potentially harm you! To avoid any possible toxicity, any multivitamin you purchase, should use beta-carotene as its default Vitamin A form. Beta-carotene is essentially two vitamin A molecules bonded together, and when ingested, the body will only convert beta-carotene to the activated Vitamin A form if your reserves are low. A lot of time, energy, and research was put into developing the most comprehensive multi-vitamin / mineral on the market, and it only uses the most appropriate and bioavailable forms of all the essential micronutrients, including Vitamin A (as beta-carotene) and Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin). Nutrex Research has chosen certain quality minerals chelates by Albion Nutrition’s that have been proven through scientific research to be more bioavailable than your regular minerals found on the market today. The quality minerals are created through a 6 step process including; superior minerals sourcing, ligands (molecule bonding), patented chelation technology, precise manufacturing processes, revolutionary validated IF-IR (substantiation that chelation has occurred) & continuous ongoing scientific research. These essential steps make sure that the minerals are better absorbed by the body during the digestion process leaving you confident you’re are getting the most out of VITADAPT.


Adaptogens are a collection of substances long used in ancient Indian and Chinese medicines for their medicinal qualities. Specifically, adaptogens improve the body’s capacity to respond to and recover from various emotional, physical, and physiological stressors, such as intense exercise. Adaptogens help keep you even keeled during stressful periods in life and maintain balance, protecting your immune and hormone system function. More pertinent to active men and women, adaptogens can also enhance performance and recovery from exercise, due to their stress-combating qualities. VitAdapt is truly unique as it includes three of the most heavily researched adaptogenic compounds on the planet in KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Schisandra Chinensis, and Rhodiola Rosea. Nutrex Research has crafted the ultimate companion for active persons in VITADAPT as it not only provides everything you need from a micronutrient standpoint, it also provides the essential compounds to enhance your performance and recovery from your active lifestyle!




• Clinically Dosed Blend of 24 Vitamins & Minerals • Optimizes muscle strength & function • No minerals that inhibit amino acid uptake, the absorption of other critical minerals, or the utilization of important vitamins • Comprehensive B Complex to support energy production.

RECOMMENDED USE: VITADAPT is easy to use. Simply take 1 serving (3 tablets) with your first meal of the day. For best results use daily.


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