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Product Description


EAminoMax from Performax is an amino acid performance product that give you a good dose of bcaa to help you recover faster and build your endurance. You can use this product intra workout or post for higher effectiveness! With all 9 EAAs, this is the product you need to have a better session and better recovery.

EAminoMax has around 3g of Leucine which is the most important amino acid because it starts the protein synthesis process. EAA are Essential Amino Acids that we cannot make in our bodies, we get them from supplements and food. This is a BCAA product, so it helps with during the recovery stage and intra stage to help your body go further and build endurance. This is possible because of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate. This increases blood flow and transportation of nutrients so your muscles keep going and going. That is the power of bcaas! Hica is another element that helps reduce muscle fatigue and increases lean muscle.


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