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“This is a bodybuilder’s dream – a natural formulation that helps build lean muscle while preventing muscle breakdown. If you’re new to EP1LOGUE, a new chapter has just begun!”

EP1LOGUE’s mighty formulation begins with a 600mg-dose of Epicatechin PhytoFUSE – a never-before-seen dosage in ANY Epicatechin product. Epicatechin is a flavanol found in green tea and cocoa seeds that may help build muscle. However, because Epicatechin is poorly absorbed in humans, we’ve paired it with PhytoFUSE, a patented and unique delivery system that molecularly utilizes specific complexes and lipids to enhance the solubility and absorption of Epicatechin.

What separates EP1LOGUE from other Epicatechin products is the complementary ingredients that elevate Epicatechin PhytoFUSE to the celestial realms of muscle building. We’ve packed our formulation with 300mg of VASO-6, a popular supplement derived from green tea or grape seed. VASO-6 has shown to significantly increase vasodilation – stimulating nitric oxide levels 10x greater than those of Citrulline – as well as stimulate blood flow, activate muscle hypertrophy, enhance endurance, and stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

Finally, EP1LOGUE’s mythical formulation is perfected with a new and innovative compound that, once again, Olympus Labs introduces to the supplement industry: Urolithin B. Urolithin B has shown to inhibit protein catabolism while simultaneously increasing protein synthesis. Called a “bodybuilder’s dream,” this impressive, natural ingredient is a gift from the muscle-building gods as it helps build lean muscle and prevents muscle breakdown.

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