KAL K-2 MK-7 Bone Support


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The First-Ever Limited Edition Obedient! This is NOT your average nitric-oxide booster. Our goal with Obedient since its inception was to create a product that would recreate the typical “pump” product. PUMP. FOCUS. HYDRATION. This Limited Edition takes it even further.

THE PUMP is way more than just looking & feeling cool. Just by enhancing your pump during training, you’re helping to reduce fatigue, enhance your recovery, and just perform better. Increasing blood flow enhances nutrient & oxygen flow; flooding your muscle cells with everything they need to look how you want them to.

THE FOCUS is created by using Nootropic ingredients. This blend provides an out of this world cognitive overload. You’ll experience crystal-clear focus, an overwhelming mind-to-muscle connection, & the most intense muscle-fullness that you’ve experienced to-date.

THE HYDRATION is backed-up by Coconut Water Powder, one of mother nature’s superfood powerhouses with a complete balance of electrolytes and minerals to keep your body & muscles hydrated throughout training.

When you think “bone support” you probably think “calcium.” But what good is calcium if it never gets to the bones in the first place? Among its most critical roles, Vitamin K-2 helps transport calcium through the bloodstream to your bones contributing to both improved skeletal support as well as healthy cardiovascular function.

At KAL, we believe innovation is key. That’s why we offer K-2 MK-7 ActivMelt, a highly bioavailable form of vitamin K-2 in easy-to-take, instant-dissolve micro tablets – no water needed! Not only are ActivMelt micro tablets convenient, they’re deliciously formulated with natural raspberry flavor – after all, if you like them, you’re more likely to take them. Because MK-7 lasts longer in the body and is more bioavailable than other forms of K-2, you don’t need as much. Our once-daily supplement provides 100 mcg of Vitamin K-2 as Menaquinone MK-7 or 125% DV!

K-2 can help direct calcium to bones to support healthy, normal bone formation.

K-2 helps support healthy cardiovascular function.


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