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Core Nutritionals Peak X is a stimulant free performance boosting supplement allowing you to perform at your maximal capacity as well as boosting nitric oxide levels. Containing 4 patented and trademarked ingredients, Core Nutritionals have chosen only the best of the best ingredients when putting togther this formula.

PeakO2 and Beta Alanine to improved oxygen uptake and increase endurance.

Vaso6 and Nitrosigine to increase nitric oxide levels resulting in increased blood flow, increased nutrient delivery and improved muscle pumps.

ElevATP, along with PeakO2, to help improve muscular power and strength!

Directions for Use

Core Nutritionals Peak X can be taken at anytime of the day as it is stimulant free, however it is best taken pre-workout. It can either be taken alone or combine with your stimulant based pre-workout or energy supplement to create performance enhancing workout stack.

Simple mix 2 scoops (1 serve) in your TMJ Shaker and consume 15 – 30 minutes before starting your workout.

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