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Phenitrope HGH is an advanced formula designed to help increase growth levels while promoting restful sleep. Whether you are getting a full 8 hours of sleep or simply just 4 hours, Phenitrope HGH will make sure you wake up refreshed, energized and ready to take on the day. Phenitrope was formulated to increase growth levels, and enabling your body to fall into a deep REM sleep cycle faster, and longer! Our goal was to help users capitalize on the hours slept to increase fat loss, lean muscle gains, daily energy levels, and mood!*


  • Deeper REM sleep cycles each night*
  • Faster recovery times from workouts*
  • Amounts of GH secreted during sleep*
  • Improved lean muscle mass*
  • Improved fat loss*
  • Cortisol levels*


  • Anyone wanting to maximize hard efforts in the gym for maximized muscle growth*
  • Anyone wanting to maximize the quality of sleep*
  • Anyone wanting better energy levels during the day*
  • Anyone wanting to optimize recovery times*
  • Anyone wanting to improve GH levels naturally*
  • Anyone wanting to lose fat faster*

Why PHENITROPE HGH Was Formulated:

  • To maximize all your hard efforts in the gym, and maximize recovery times, muscle growth, and fat loss.*
  • To improve energy levels during the day by optimizing sleep cycles.*
  • To be the best natural GH supplement on the market*

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