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DUALITY: Pre-Workout Supplement for Pump, Energy, & Strength It’s 2019, and the days of micro-dosed pre-workouts are over.

Unlike many “popular” pre-workout supplements, DUALITY uses fully-dosed and clinically-proven ingredients, backed by science, to give you the best workouts!

When developing DUALITY, we didn’t use “micro-dosed” servings like most contemporary pre-workout supplements, nor did we load it up with cheap and dangerous stimulants that actually do nothing for your performance, strength, and muscle-building efforts.

Our team developed DUALITY with a single goal in mind: to produce a pre-workout that gives you insane pumps alongside insanely smooth, sustainable energy. Break down the science of each ingredient inside DUALITY and one thing becomes increasingly clear — there are very few pre-workout supplements that can truthfully claim to match the dosing we use. 

When you take any Alchemy Labs supplement, rest assured that each product contains the highest quality raw materials to fuel your workouts!


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